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Avocado Toast - $7.00

Grilled 7- Grain bread topped with seasoned mashed avocado, diced tomato and fresh cilantro.

Mushroom Tartine - $8.00

Grilled 7 - Grain bread topped with a cream cheese, garlic & chive spread with roasted Crimini mushroom and caramelized red onion.


*Mahi Lettuce Wraps - $14.00

6 oz. Mahi steak with blackened seasoning and pan-fried. Served with petite Romaine wraps lined with fresh avocado, Cumin black beans, Pico de Gallo, micro greens and cheese blend.

Veggie Lasagna - $11.00

Spinach, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower and brocolli, layered with pasta, topped with sauce Bechamel, Mozzarella, Panko bread crums and baked to golden brown.

Black Bean Burger - $10.00

5 oz. Chipotle flavored black bean burger topped with our homemade Pico de Gallo, fresh avocado and Swiss. Served on a Kaiser roll with French fries. (Gluten free bun $2.00)

Caprese Portabella Mushroom Sandwich - $10.00

Marinated Portabella cap topped with tomato and fresh Mozzarella, then baked. Garnished with fresh Basil and lightly drizzled with Balsamic glaze. Serve warm with French fries.  (Gluten free bun $2.00)

Black & Bleu Cobb Salad - $9.00

Diced eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, shredded Cheddar and Maytag Bleu cheese crumbles, served on a bed of mixed greens with a breadstick.

Roasted Cauliflower & Chick Pea Tacos - $8.00

Mashed Chick Peas, Mexican seasoned roasted cauliflower, garlic-black beans, Pico de Gallo & roasted Crimini mushrooms in petite flour tortillas. Served with French fries.

Pan Fried Salmon Salad - $16.00

Fresh spinach, barley, sweet red onion, tomato, peas, Crimini mushrooms and garlic, sauteed in olive oil, then topped with a fresh pan-fried Norwegian salmon fillet and garnished with citrus zest and Hazelnuts.

*Many of our entrees can and are adapted to the special needs of Gluten free diners and thos with Dietary or Allergy concerns

If you do not see your favorite dish from a previous visit, please ask your server.