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The Chef's Long Time Favorites

All dinner served with a Cup of Soup of Day or Mixed filed Green Salad and Jumbo Asiago Breadsticks. Side choices of  Garlic Buttered Linguini (Gluten free Available), Baked Potato, Spaetzel with Gravy or Zuchhini Sautee, Cuban Style Rice Pilaf or Caesar Salad ($1.99). There will be an additional $2.00 charge for Lobster Bisque.

Really fine Bovine

*Filet Mignon - $25.00

8 oz. flame broiled, specially seasoned tenderloin served with Teriyaki flavored mushroom and au jus.

*Filet Oscar - $30.00

In  House hand cut tenderloin, served on a bed of fresh lemon pepper grilled asparagus, topped with King crab meat and laced with hollandaise sacue.

*Garlic & Bleu Cheese Stuffed Filet - $26.00

Stuffed with fresh garlic, Maytag Bleu cheese and wrapped in bacon.  Served with Teriyaki flavored mushroom and Burgundy Demi Glace.

*Seared Tenderloin Tips over Spaetzel - $19.00

quickly seared at 500 with our House seasoning and garlic, with mushrooms, Demi Glace and sauce Au Jus. This entrée is paied with Chef's Choice spaetzel

How would you like your meat and seafood prepared?

Seared - Blackened outside, cold center .

Rare- Cool red center.

Medium Rare- Warm red center.

Medium - Pink Center .

Medium Well - Gray ccenter but juicy .

Well Done - fully Cooked (not responsible for well-done steak)

Pork - The "Other" White Meat

*Pork Marsala - $15.00

Tender pork medallions sautéed with fresh mushrooms & chicken stock, flamed with Marsala, finished with Demi Glacé, heavy cream & sour cream for depth.

This entree is paired with Chef's Choice linguine.

*Pork Schnitzel - $18.00

Served in the traditional fashion. This entree is paired with Chef's Choice spaetzels with gravy and sweet & sour red cabbage on request.

*Smoked BBQ Ribs:

1/2 Rack - $18.00 / Full Rack - $26.00

Prepared in true Southern Style.



Pleasing Poultry

*Raspeberry Chicken - $18.00

Cashew encrusted boneless chicken breast, pan sauteed and served in a pool of our homemade raspberry sauce and drizzled with sauce Bechemel.

*Chicken Parmesan Alfredo - $17.00

7 oz. Italian breaded checken breast, toppped with our homemade Alfredo, Parmesan &Mozzarella, then baked. Paired with Linguini and Alfredo.

*Chicken & Broccoli Crepes Mornay - $15.00

Seasoned chicken breast & fresh broccoli wrapped in French-style crepes, with a three cheese Mornay sauce.

*Pan-Fried Hazelnut Chicken - $17.00

Chicken breast with our Hazelnut breading, laced with our homemade Honey & Wisconsin Maple Syrup glaze.

*Many of our enrees can and are adapted to special needs of Gluten free diners and those with Dietary or Allergy concerns.

From the Lakes & Seas

*Kii Ahi Tuna Tower - $21.00

Chef Wes' original signature dish.

We serve an all natural tuna steak, not enhanced with a clear smoke or red dye to change the appearance.

*Crispy Mahi - $19.00

Fresh Mahi coated Panko breadcrumbs, cornflakes and cocont, then pan-fried crisp. Served with pineapple salsa.

*Canadian Walleye - $21.00

Cold water Canadian Walleye fillet, your choice:

Pan Fried / Blackened

*Pistachio Encrusted Salmon - $21.00

Fresh Norwegian salmon, pistachio encrusted, then baked to perfection. Served with a lemon Bechamel cream sauce, garnished with deep fried spinach.

*Colossal Scallop Oscar - $25.00

Fresh Sea Scallops, pan-seared and served with fresh asparagus, King crab & Hollandaise.

*Coconut Shrimp Dinner - $19.00

Hand breaded with Panko breadcrumbs and fresh coconut, served with a spciy orange dipping sauce.

*Garlic & Parmesan Shrimp Bake - $19.00

Seven large shrimp, baked in a robust garlic butter, topped with Parmesan and baked.

*Foods that are prepared rare or medium rare, may be under cooked and will only be served upon customer's request. Whether dining out or preparing foods at home, consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase the risk of food borne illness.

If you do not see your favorite dish from a previous visit, please ask your server.